Wakefield and the Ice Cream Conspiracy

We’ve been living in Wakefield for around two and a half months now and whilst it's not our intention to stay forever, it's not without its benefits. We live close to the motorway junction which is convenient for my commute to Bradford; the Dales, Moors, and Peaks are all a reasonably short drive away, and... Continue Reading →

Walking: Kilburn and Byland – Attack of the Big Bloody Bull

Sammy and I lived in Wiltshire for a while, and at one point we were located very near to the white horse at Westbury. There are sixteen of these enormous horses carved into hillsides around the country, mainly in the south of England (including eight in Wiltshire alone), so they are a sight that we... Continue Reading →

Walking: Rievaulx Abbey and Moor – Invasion of the Sheep

When I was at school studying GCSE Geography, I remember a technique for measuring distance on a map by using a piece of string to trace along the feature in question - a river or path, for instance - then unravelling the string and comparing it to the scale on the edge of the map.... Continue Reading →

Walking: Barden Moor

Following the success of last week’s walk, I was concerned that we may have peaked too soon – see previous blog post for terrible pun reference – in our northern walking adventures. How could anything come close to the beauty of Kinder Scout? Thankfully, it appears that the north of England is going to continue... Continue Reading →

Walking: Kinder Scout

Having been living in the beautiful county of Yorkshire (God’s own country, this atheist is frequently reminded), for a couple of weeks we were finally presented with our first opportunity to get out and explore. So for our first big walking adventure, we went to… Derbyshire. With good reason, I hasten to add. Our original... Continue Reading →

The Man in the Shed

I must thank everyone who read my previous two posts; I received an unprecedented number of views (my stats were ‘booming’ according to WordPress), which was very nice indeed. This was entirely due to Sammy sharing the posts to Facebook and encouraging me to do the same, so massive thanks to her too. I’ve received... Continue Reading →

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