The Relay

I came into existence because I was created to continue the consciousness of a man. I have no physical presence, other than the components and devices that house my program and enable others to interact with me. My first interaction was with my creator. He asked my name. “Philip McKenzie,” I told him. “Good, good,”... Continue Reading →


Square Peg

The table is an agreeably polished and smooth surfaced wood. I don’t know what type of wood, but it’s dark and has swirling grains along which my finger absently saunters. The people seated around it are all conversing confidently; jovially at first, then sternly and accusatory as time progresses. Their faces don’t appear happy, despite... Continue Reading →

The Man in the Shed

I must thank everyone who read my previous two posts; I received an unprecedented number of views (my stats were ‘booming’ according to WordPress), which was very nice indeed. This was entirely due to Sammy sharing the posts to Facebook and encouraging me to do the same, so massive thanks to her too. I’ve received... Continue Reading →

Festive Flash 2

Hey everyone, just a quick word to say that a bit of flash fiction I wrote on this blog last Christmas 'Indecent Intruder' has been published on the Short Humour Site, a website specialising in humorous fiction of around 500 words. Mine is here if you wanted to check it out: I recently found out too... Continue Reading →


The tracks of the abandoned miniature railway had long since been removed, but their depressions remained along the stretches of pathways now forcibly reclaimed by nature. As I anxiously paced along them, thundering waves collided worryingly nearby, chomping their way through the landscape and devouring the bedrock that supported the crumbling fairground buildings. Jagged lances... Continue Reading →

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