Pushing the Reset Button on Black Hill

I don’t particularly like the term ‘escapism’. It focusses too much on the negative, and by implying that there is something so constrictive from which one is trying to escape, it detracts from the benefits that are gained through spending time doing something enjoyable. When the temporary experience of ‘escaping’ comes to an end, the inevitable consequence is that we return to the situation we were in before we made the break, and so the unwelcome cycle continues. When I began walking, and the stresses of a 9-5 began to slip away, I’ll admit, it felt like an escape. No offices, commutes, bosses, customers, or spreadsheets to worry about, just open country and the wind on my face. Then Monday came around again and… (continue reading at The Outdoor Guide)


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  1. Hey, I was only up Black Hill on Sept 4th, doing my first proper few miles (from Marsden to Black Hill and back) since the gloom brought on by redundancy. Resetting batteries is important, and I was escaping for a few hours the tedious grind of jobhunting and the reality of sudden unemployment.


    1. Oh no, sorry to hear that. I hope you find something suitable soon. Job hunting is horrendous at the best of times, but even more so when it’s a necessity. Before we moved to Yorkshire I was on a very tight deadline, we had given notice on our house and I had a leave date for my job in Essex, but I was having no luck at all. It looked like I was going to be unemployed, but thankfully found something at the last minute. I was extremely stressed during the whole thing and struggled to cope with it at times.
      We weren’t out walking then as much as we are now, and I think if we had been, it may have helped with it all. Maybe just a bit. I’ve adopted some elements of mindfulness into the whole walking thing, and I find that helps me focus and deal with problems as they arise.
      I doubt there are many places better than Black Hill and all of those areas around there to get away from it all, re-set and then jump back into the grind. It won’t pay the bills, but it may take the edge off scouring the job market (and dealing with recruitment consultants!). Good luck with it all!


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