The Outdoor Guide

It’s a great honour to be working as a blogger with The Outdoor Guide!

The Outdoor Guide (TOG) is a resource set up by Julia Bradbury and sister Gina that aims to bring together information for walks all around the UK.

It is a showroom that puts companies with the same ethos together in one place to inspire families to get out and explore this wonderful world.

On TOG you will find fab walks, amazing gear and gadgets along with some recommended places to stay when out walking.

To view my presence within TOG visit:

My first post gives a little insight into how our walking adventures began, as well as taking another look at our view packed walk around Barden Moor, which can be found here:

I’d love it if you could pop over and take a look, and go back again in future when I have more blogs to post with them!



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  1. In the late 70’s, I walked the North Downs Way. It startled me to find myself cutting across grain fields and sometimes almost through farm yards. It is then that I learned what “right of way” really means.

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    1. Ah yes, there are many such routes along the pathways of Britain.. The amount of times we pass through farms, gardens, and driveways. I do always feel a little awkward when walking through someone’s garden, particularly when they’re sat in it sunbathing or something. I guess they must have known the right of way was there when they bought the house though!

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