The Man in the Shed

I must thank everyone who read my previous two posts; I received an unprecedented number of views (my stats were ‘booming’ according to WordPress), which was very nice indeed. This was entirely due to Sammy sharing the posts to Facebook and encouraging me to do the same, so massive thanks to her too.

I’ve received requests to write about a small walk we did on Sunday, but as enjoyable as it was, I don’t have quite enough material gathered to write a whole post on that one. There is however a little ‘follow blog by email’ button just over there on the right of this page if you’re viewing on a desktop, or at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device. Give it a click, pop in your email address, and you’ll be notified when I do post about our next walk. You won’t be bombarded with emails; the frequency at which I’m currently posting is due to the spare time I have on my hands, which will very soon be relinquished.

For now, it’s back to the bread and butter of the blog – flash fiction. It’s been some time since I’ve been able to attempt a prompted challenge, but this one came along and I was pleased to find that the block had finally been lifted.


The Man in the Shed

The locals were all aware of the man in the shed, though none in the town had ever conversed with him, nor were any old enough to remember his arrival.

Some broached contact as the years elapsed, but their efforts were met only with a warm and silent smile, the closing of the door.

Theories, speculation, accusations abounded. The mystery resurfaced every so often with inquisitive journalistic excitement, then swiftly faded with the futility of their investigations. The man remained peacefully unmoved throughout, and the locals resigned to let the enigma abide.

He took one last look from the window, another at the crumpled photograph in his clutch.

One last smile, and one last breath.

His secrets had endured.


3 thoughts on “The Man in the Shed

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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I love this! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!


  2. I found this tale fascinating and captivating – there can be no higher praise than I went back and read it all again straight away. I love the minimalism, there’s nothing in there padding it out unnecessarily, and that ending… great writing, good to see the block clearing!

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