Promises, Promises

Last year I took part in Dryathlon, a sponsored month on the wagon. I raised a bit of money for cancer research, probably made myself a little healthier, and managed to squeeze out two short stories (three, if you count the one that spilled a tad into February). I am never as prolific as that. In fact, I’ve probably only done three more decent stories in the subsequent year.

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have succeeded in staying drink free for a month had I not committed to the charity that I would raise money for them in doing so. There were times when I could easily have buckled, but sticking to my well-publicised promise provided me with the motivation to persevere.

Now January is here again and whilst I don’t intend to commit to Dryathlon this time around, I feel like I should put something out there into the world that states a vow, so that my good intentions are not confined to my internal monologue, and then maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance I’ll stick to it. First and foremost, I need to make amends for the astonishing amount of food and drink consumed over the festive period, which I decided to combine with a complete lack of exercise. So number one commitment is to eat healthily and get in shape, fast.

The second commitment is all about writing. Last year was not a productive year (after January, of course). Various things such as moving house, a beautiful summer and long lazy afternoons in the garden, my new found loves of walking and American Football, and my general laziness, all meant that I didn’t get much done. True, a couple of my short stories have popped up on the internet in various places, but I need to do more. I started writing a novel in April (one that I had initially thought of in the previous September), but ditched it all a few months later as it stank. I re-started it, got great ideas for plot, characters, techniques, I was on fire.. For a few days. Unfortunately the quality of writing didn’t back up the ideas and having read through it all again this week, I’ve come to realise that once again, it stank.

Thankfully I kept all of the notes I made and I still believe in the story and its characters, I just needed to work out how I wanted it to be written. So I’ve been back to drawing board and flipped it around, started writing in the first person from the protagonist’s perspective and it seems to be clicking finally. I really hope that I’m getting it right this time, so this leads me onto my second commitment. A biggie this time. I will finish the first draft of this book, no matter what happens. Even if it stinks worse than a freshly opened packet of ham, I’ll finish it.

Good luck to you all with your projects in 2017.


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  1. Hi Jamie, hope you are well! Hope you’re goals for 2017 are coming along well! The novel writing sounds great – how’s it going? I haven’t been on the blogosphere for a while, as I’ve been getting my YA, Urban-fantasy novel, Descendants ready for coming out next month. We spoke a while back about writing when we both got on Ad Hoc fiction. I just wondered if you might be interested in a free advance reader copy (ARC) of my book, Descendants, the first in The Arete Series.

    I have set up the book on a service called Book Funnel, which allows you to download it in your preferred format (MOBI, EPUB or PDF).

    Just click on the link below, and follow the instructions on the page:

    The book is due for release on the 12th April, and can be found on Amazon here:, and on GoodReads here: If you get the chance and would like to leave a review that would be much appreciated. Let me know if I can reciprocate with a fresh pair of eyes over writing or reviewing your work anytime in the future.

    Hope to chat on the blog soon. Thanks.

    All the best,



    1. Hi Rae. Firstly congratulations on the book, well done! I’ve not been able to do anything creative lately, as once again I’m moving house and changing jobs, so my time has been spent job hunting and trawling myself up and down the country for interviews etc. So over the past month, my output has been nil. Hopefully once I’m sorted I can get back on with it all, as I was making some great progress for a while. Unfortunately my reading time is minimal at the moment too, but again, when things have settled down and I can stop spending every waking moment stressing about my career, I will be sure to give it a read and review- I’ll get it downloaded in advance 🙂


      1. Hey Jamie, lovely to hear from you and no worries at all. Good luck with the interviews and move – sounds super busy! Hope you get some writing time in the near future and let me know if there’s ever anything you’d like a fresh pair of eyes on, etc. Thanks again and take care 🙂


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