Trump Dust

The dust will settle, but that’s all that will remain.

He won. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I did let myself fall into the Brexit belief trap that a nation of people couldn’t be told (explicitly, not only by experts but in this case straight from the horse’s unwittingly recorded mouth), that something was so catastrophically bad for them, and they would still continue to line up and vote for it.

I don’t think I can add anything further to the millions of distraught comments worldwide about the man’s character or suitability for the position, or the performance of his opposition who, if Democrats take a good look at themselves, have nobody else to blame for this result after they dismissed the seemingly honourable and morally immaculate candidate Bernie Sanders.

What I’m writing this about, is the future of our planet. Yes, there have been quite a few out there proclaiming the end of the world, and with such an imbecile with his finger on the button, I’m inclined to agree that such claims have credence. How much power will he really have? Will he be the most powerful man in the world? Sufficed to say that America, like much of the world, is truly ruled by corporations and no matter who had won this election, that would not have changed. What Trump is however, is dangerous.

The level of hatred he has incited already is a measure of that, and the mere fact that such an abhorrent xenophobic, misogynistic, (alleged) pervert can win the job is jet fuel poured onto the smouldering tinderbox of a planet we call home. To my personal dismay 2016 has already seen Brexit and the rise of the far right in Europe. It goes against everything I believe in and everything the world should be working towards. Okay, I do take the Star Trek tinted glasses view of a united planet, one Earth working towards the same goals – but I have always hoped that this (or something very close to this) is where the human race should be heading. Throughout my time in the world it has looked as though we were making great strides in equality, race, LGBT issues, the environment, and animal welfare to name but a few. The trend appeared to be heading in the right direction and although I accepted that the end goal probably wouldn’t be achieved in my lifetime, I took comfort in the thought that someday it would.

Now I remember, for the Star Trek version of Earth to achieve utopia first they had a cataclysmic world war with the near annihilation of humanity, followed by the intervention of an alien race to unify the people. The way things are currently going, I think we can unfortunately expect to see the first part of this happening in the not too distant future, but if there are any extra-terrestrial beings out there monitoring our communications then please see this plea for help. We need it. Come save us before it’s too late.


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  1. Yes, very well said, Jamie. I’m struggling with how to feel, teetering between rage/anger, disgust/disappointment, and some fear blended in. My take on how fellow progressives are feeling now is that the show and the fight must–and definitely will–go on. I think we will be much less likely to be friendly and compromise, especially with the hypocrisy of the divisive Trump camp who now wants to welcome and unify us (yeah, right) instead of killing, hating, or deporting us. I read that hate crimes (mostly graffiti so far, but a woman in a hijab was mugged) are already rising. Again, I can only pledge to do my part to make sure this monster’s reach is as small as his hands. It’s going to be a long four years . . .

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  2. Excellent post, very well put. I guess after witnessing Brexit I wasn’t surprised when America ended up with Trump. Seems to be the pattern for 2016. You are right about the power, president is much more a figurehead and the multi-billion dollar corporations are the one who really have control.

    But his disgusting and shameful rhetoric is a torch to those who think like him. Now that he is president those who believe like him see it as carte blanche to say and do what they feel.

    There is nothing wrong with the Star Trek tinted glasses. Hope for a united planet, a united people is a good one to have. We look to those who stand up for what is right. We become those who do. We have hope and we spread hope.

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    1. My sentiments exactly. I’m glad you used the term figurehead too. I had a whole section on that in the first draft of this blog but cut it out in the end as I was heading down the conspiracy road a bit to far for this post. Keep on hoping!

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