Rise Above It (Again)

Okay, yesterday’s post was a bit of an outburst. I think it helped though, as I’ve decided to try and stop whinging about everything and get on with it. I won’t achieve anything by throwing my toys out of the pram and stamping my feet. My situation hasn’t changed overnight, but I need to get the good vibes flowing again and even if my it isn’t everything I’d hoped and dreamed right now – I have an escape plan. So for now, I just have to bide my time, make the right moves in the right directions and think positively. Plus I always said this blog was not going to be the place for rants and/or moans. I do enough of that in real life.

So what have I been doing these past few months other than work too many hours – well it’s been so long that the last blog was written in the summer, and now it’s effing freezing. The sun was great. I’m a slave to it. I took a couple of weeks holiday, one of which was spent lazing in the sunshine all day every day, drinking beer and reading books, which is what I would do all day everyday given half the chance. The second week, me, my other half and the dog went on a fantastic holiday in the South West, largely dominated by our favourite pastime – walking. We walked a LOT. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of downtime too, but we trekked the South West Coast Path until our legs and feet throbbed. During the wee hours in the house we rented, I read Bill Bryson’s The Road to Little Dribbling (I am a massive Bill Bryson fan and have read most of his books – if you’ve never read A Walk in the Woods, do it. Do it now) and it got me thinking about my own writing. Is there potential to combine these two great aspects of my life – walking and writing? It’s something I need to explore. We’re currently walking from one side of Essex to the other, in stages, and it has occurred to me that this could be the opportunity to try out some non-fiction writing. If I do, I’ll most likely post it up onto this blog.

I’ve not written a great deal recently. I do put most of the blame onto the energy/creativity/soul destroying annoyance I’m faced with each week day, (last time I mention it I promise), but I can’t pretend it’s all to do with that. First there was the sun, then there was the holiday, then our other favourite pastime started again – American Football.. And those games last three hours each and there’s five games on TV a week, and, and I’m really just making excuses aren’t I?

I’ve written a bit more of the novel, although considering when I started that I’ve done a pitiful amount in truth. That is something that I really need to be in the zone for. The last story I finished was back in August and that is still under submission, so you never know, but since then – nada. I think this is what I need to do next, get another decent story published. Or should I do the walking-writing? Or the novel?

Or will I just watch the NFL and drink beer?

Answers on a postcard.


Additional – After writing the above blog I was reminded of the one I wrote in November last year, entitled Rise Above It. It appears that in autumn of last year, I was in a similar frame of mind as I have been recently. I wonder how much of my misery is truly down to the day job, and whether in fact I just hate the passing of the summer. Either way, the sentiments of that previous blog hold true today and I must remember them now. I wonder what I’ll come up with this time next year.


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