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The bug is back! Finally I’m regaining my writing groove. With all of the events of the year, real life had definitely hampered my ability to generate ideas, stolen available time to write, or sapped any form of energy I produce. I do however feel like I’ve turned a corner now that things have settled down, and I believe this is being reflected in my writing.

Having Downward published in the Scarlet Leaf Review was the first spark – update on this, it didn’t finish in the top three most read stories of the month (boo!), however those that did were all by regular contributors and the editor has sent me figures that tell me I was DAMNED close..

Then I read a thing called ‘The Fifteen Minute Writer’, which was great food for thought. Essentially, as you can probably guess, the idea is that you write for fifteen minutes per day, no matter what. If you have time for more, great, if not, do your fifteen. I tried it for a week and produced a little bit of flash sci-fi that I believe is good enough to submit. I’ll keep you updated on the success of that one. Have I stuck to the rules of the fifteen minutes? Of course not, however the principles are sound, I believe, and it has showed me how much can be achieved in such a short space of time, which is something that I intend to carry forward into my next project… the novel.

Just under a year ago I had an idea, and a title. I knew what the basic premise was going to be, jotted it down in my notebook, talked about it to the other half for a while, then did nothing with it at all. Until yesterday, that is (I told you the bug was back). Out of nowhere, whilst sat at my desk at work, the book idea popped into my head, followed by a development. I jotted it down. Then another. Which led to another. And more. Then characters. Then a twist. More characters. Intertwining stories and relationships and then boom! I’d sketched out the basics of my story, answered many long lingering questions, filled in a few plot holes (and created a few more, but hey) and was almost bouncing around in my seat. I’m completely ready to get cracking with it now, and thought I would have a play with Scrivener – Does anyone here use it?

The free thirty day trial is a no-brainer, so I downloaded it last night and had a play around on the tutorial. There’s a lot to take in, and no way will I have it down in thirty days, but so far I really like it. During today’s lunchbreak I’ve done a character profile, imported all of my notes from yesterday’s lightbulb moment and got everything categorised and in its rightful place. I think this tool is really going to help me with writing a novel, as already I feel so much clearer than I would be when relying on my own scribble and scraps of paper. I’ll let you know if this continues, but with my new software and rejuvenated urge to write, long may it continue!


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  1. I use Scrivener and I love it. It took a while to get used to organising my work using it but once I got into the habit it virtually organised itself. They also produced a timeline program which is very useful (but expensive). I tried it for the free trial and intend to use the principles to create my own from now on.

    It’s good to hear that your writing mojo is back, it sounds like you didn’t get much actual work done on the day the idea hit you! I love it when inspiration hits like that, it’s like a steam train crashing into your head, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. I look forward to reading the finished product.

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    1. Thanks Nichola, I’ve heard some great things about it and even just after a few hours playing around with it, I think I can already see how it’s going to be useful. I’m going to have to read up on it more/watch tutorials,. But the $45 pricetag seems to be well worth it.
      You’re right, of course, not much ‘actual’ work was achieved yesterday.. But what’s new? 😉 It was unbelievable yesterday how one thing just led onto another onto another.. I haven’t been like that for ages. In fact lately I’ve been having to reach and force ideas so much, I was beginning to worry nothing would spark again. Thank goodness yesterday came around and rejuvenated everything.

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