Firstly let me please say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story ‘Downward’. It’s only been online since Friday, but the messages and feedback I’ve received since then have really inspired me to continue what I’m doing. I really appreciate all of the good vibes people have been giving me and I hope I can throw some back your way in return.

You probably won’t get ‘good vibes’ from my story, unless you’re of a sadistic nature. Or perhaps if you like seeing a fellow writer’s work being published online.. Yeah let’s go with the latter. So here’s a link to it again: http://www.scarletleafreview.com/short-stories1/jamie-l-dyson-downward

Sorry for posting it again, but there are prizes for the most read stories of the month and if everyone who follows me on here took a peek, I might not finish dead last 😉

I’ve been struggling to decide what I want to do next. I’ve got a novel bubbling away in the background, but I see that as a long term project. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know of the sci-fi novel I began last year, which for now has been consigned to the back burner. I just wasn’t ready to be taking on such a challenge so early into my writing life, and even though I do think it had potential, I just wasn’t executing it quite well enough. I then had an idea for another novel, one more saleable (in my opinion) and with even more potential, so I made the decision to try and get some good short stories and publishing credits under my belt before really getting stuck in, which is where ‘Downward’ and a few others came from.

I’m sticking with this plan and after about a month of my brain just saying ‘duuuuhhhhhhh’, I think I have a nugget of a colonel of a good idea and need to just get to it. I was struggling for inspiration for quite a while though.

My ideas just seem to appear in lightbulb moments when I’m least expecting it. I’d love to be able to intentionally set about idea generation and have an end result, rather than just pages of scribbled out notes adorned with expletives.

How do you get your story ideas? All advice is gratefully received!


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  1. Congratulations again, Jamie. For myself, I get story ideas from all over the place. Both experiences I’ve had or things I’ve read about or seen happening (whether on a screen or in real-life). Also, although I’m fond of logic and thinking critically and rationally, I have allowed room in that equation for dreams (daydreams and night ones) and my mind is so set now that it actually thinks, during some dreams, “hey, this could be a story; let’s remember this or make this a story.” Those, I have a better chance of remembering in the morning and capitalizing on. Recently, when I’ve felt blocked, I read about other writers and I read some short stories (not on the craft of writing or autobiographical) and just lived my life and those were enough to do the trick so that I’ve arrived at a place where I feel creative again. Good luck/wishes to you!

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    1. Thanks Leigh. The website editor informs me the story has had 640 read so far, which is great for me!
      I think we have a similar kind of process by the sounds of it. Although I definitely need to master your ability to make mental notes during dreams.. That’s years of experience I bet!


      1. That’s awesome, Jamie. Wow, 640 is quite a lot, at least in my perspective. You might also try 50-Word Stories, if you like writing fiction that short & succinct. They, however, only accept for part of the month, every month. Honestly, I don’t know why, Jamie, but, yes, I expect it’s two things: life-experience and (maybe TMI) but I take a medication (doctor-approved, of course) that’s dream-enhancing or at least seems to improve my ability to remember them, if not their vividity (if that’s a word). I feel, though, that you can ‘train your brain’ to remember dreams; I know it sounds pseudoscience-y, but it’s something, anecdotally, that has worked for me. Anyway, sorry to be so long-winded. Looking forward to more of your writing!

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