WordPress friends, I would be most humbled if you could find the time to read my first published short story:
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  1. First, congratulations, Jamie. The site that published “Downward” looks great, as does the presentation of the story. It has a lot of tension that pulled me along through the woman’s story and downward spiral. I never really knew what all her voyeurism, self-pity, and anger was going to amount to, but you foreshadowed just enough to tell me it was probably going to be something dark. You kept me guessing as to what until the very last graf–good work (keep it up)!

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    1. Thank you Leigh. I’m really happy that you enjoyed it and that the themes I tried to convey came through to you. I appreciate your feedback (particularly as it was good feedback 😉 ) and you taking the time to read it. I hope I can keep it up!

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