Hi, Doctor Nick!

‘Hi, everybody!’

‘Hi, Doctor Nick!’

How is the world of WordPress this fine June? It’s been so long since I was last on here that I really feel like I’ve lost touch. In previous blogs I’ve mentioned how many changes have been happening in my life recently, so I won’t repeat myself if I can avoid it. What I will say, is that who knew starting a new job working longer hours, learning completely new skills and processes, managing a new (and difficult) team, completing hours of training and meetings, and generally getting your brain frazzled would have such an impact on your available time to write? Well, I should have done really; it’s pretty obvious. Then throw in all of the stuff that’s been going on outside of work such as getting the new house in shape, lawn mowing and garden maintenance (seriously I think this is taking over my life right now), having another ‘better sort my health out’ moment and stupidly signing myself up to a 10k race in mid-July when I haven’t run in months and was never any good anyway, nice weather, football on TV.. I’ll stop with the excuses. The basic fact is that as much as I love writing, my brain can handle only a certain amount of input and output in one given time, and this has unfortunately pushed writing down the pecking order somewhat.

There is good news on the way however – We now have a great new office space at home with a brand new desk and bookshelf, and after waiting three weeks for the chair to be delivered I can finally plonk my ass down and bash out some words. It feels great to get back into the swing of things and having taken a couple of days holiday from work to look after our poorly pup, I’ve managed to get down the first draft of a short story that’s been buzzing around my head for weeks (and I’ve finally given in and written in the first person). The writing muscles have been flexed and the task now is to ensure they don’t get stiff again when normal life resumes.

I hope to start blogging more regularly again from now on, and will keep an eye out for some interesting challenges to help me regain my stride. In the meantime, I reckon it’s about time I caught up with some of your lovely blogs!



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  1. I was wondering how you were getting along with the move and other major life-changes. I’m so glad to hear you’ll be back to writing fiction soon, Jamie. Do check out Dark Markets. A lot of good calls for submissions on there of late. You might also be interested in the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project: to write a ‘scary story’ of the likes Mary Shelley did almost 200 years ago (http://frankenstein.asu.edu/dare/). Anyway, I won’t keep you. You’ve lots to do—best wishes!

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    1. Thanks Leigh! Things are starting to settle down now thankfully and I’m pinching bits of time here and there when I can. I still regularly have a look at Dark Markets.. Mary Shelley style sounds interesting.. I do struggle with ‘scary’ sometimes but it’s the kind of thing I would like to test myself out with.


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