Brillo Pad Brain

Hello from the other side, as Adele might say. It’s been a tough few weeks in this body of mine but I feel like I’m starting to clamber into clarity at last. Recent exertions took their toll, my neck muscles went into spasm, my head just said “Nope. System shutting down”, and did just that, in a most painful way. Cue two weeks with a brain that could muster little more than horizontal sofa time and Doctor Who DVDs on repeat. All that free time and no ability to write a single word. I couldn’t even read for over a week. Thankfully, things have finally started to improve. I’ve read Stephen King’s On Writing, which has been a revelation. It’s not only motivated me to get cracking on the idea for a novel I dreamt up while having a tipsy siesta in Majorca last summer, but also made me re-read some of my previous work and have no doubts whatsoever why none of it got published. They have been put into the ‘learning curve’ file and will remain there for the foreseeable.

I’m not quite at the breaking ground stage yet. Even writing this blog is a struggle. I feel like a dying bee that’s been fed sugar water from a spoon, scrabbling to a crawl, preparing to bumble clumsily into flight. The head fog is slowly being sucked away by an aspirin fuelled extractor fan and each day has a little more daylight than the last.

When my other half reads this I fully expect to receive accusations of being melodramatic. But that happens on a daily basis anyway, illness or none, so I’m sticking with it. In the meantime I will be back home for good on Friday, the long holiday weekend is ahead, a new job starting next week, and a masterpiece to write.

Just gimme that effing sugar.


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    1. It did very much strike a chord with me, but don’t get me wrong, I think it may jar a little with some writers. Particularly how he talks about plot. I won’t give any spoilers, but what he says has given me the inspiration to start a project that I’ve been sitting on for a while because I’ve been so bogged down in plot. The book is very anecdotal too – so even if not all of the writing elements are appealing to you, the autobiographical parts are interesting on their own.

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  1. Oh no! Here I was imagining you were doing something fun, adventurous, or fanciful, Jamie—like leading humans out of the zombie apocalypse or something! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ailing, although a person can do much, much worse than spending time reading On Writing. I liked that book as well, although I don’t truthfully remember a lot of the advice; it’s more so the anecdotes, which I think you mention above in a comment. But what the hey. I still recommend it. Anyhow, hope you get back up to ‘normal’ writing conditions (upright writing?), and soon. Take care!


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