Sexy Monsters

I had a dream, and it had sexy monsters, celebrities and a dystopian backdrop. It was awesome. Needless to say, upon waking up this morning, the first thing I did was write down everything that I could remember and I fully intend to begin work on making it into a story, I’m thinking novella. Completely detached from my usual scribblings of bleak reality peppered with speculative elements, this one could jump straight into a ‘made by SyFy channel’ movie and I certainly wouldn’t be complaining if that were to happen. I have a feeling this one is going to be fun to write, so all other planned work is temporarily shelved until further notice. When I can find the time, anyway.

I haven’t been sleeping well of late. Real life has a lot of things going on at the moment, thanks largely due to relocating to the opposite side of the country and the looming prospect of travelling from coast to coast each weekend, spending at least half of my time away from my girlfriend and our faithful pup. The only possible positive to come out of it, is that the increased alone time should hopefully result in more writing opportunity. I’m not even going to get a TV, which anyone who knows me will tell you, is quite something. The insomnia I’ve been experiencing reached a head in the early hours of this morning, as I lay there with a thousand thoughts thumping their way around my skull and legs wriggling around beneath the duvet. I tried to sneak away quietly, but failed, waking up girlfriend and dog in the process. I was handed a herbal sleeping pill (presumably not by the dog) and instructed to take it. I did so, went to the kitchen and made myself a hot chocolate, settled down with my current book and chewed on a nicotine lozenge. Now I’m not sure if it was any of these elements in particular, or a combination of them all, but thankfully around an hour later I was asleep and dreaming of sexy monsters. I’m tempted to do the same tonight, just to find out what the end of the story is going to be. It doesn’t look good for humanity, but I’m pretty sure the protagonist is going to get laid.

Kirstwrites kindly nominated me for the three day quote challenge, however due to the reasons above (as well as the day job and generally being alive), I don’t have bags of time to blog let alone three days in a row at the moment, so I will thank her and give you just one quote. This is from The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 by the late Sue Townsend. It was by far my favourite book as a child and I could relate to Adrian in so many ways, but most of all it made me belly laugh. This diary entry in particular, written shortly after Adrian’s dad has been made redundant and is struggling to cope with life.

What, you were expecting a classic? To me, this is, and always will be:

Friday January 29th
Came home from school early with a severe migraine (missed the Comparative Religion test). Found my father watching Play School and pretending to be an acorn growing into an oak. Went to bed too shocked to speak.

Have a great week all.


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  1. That quote from Adrian Mole is brilliant! One of my teenage favourites too. Your dream story sounds great – didn’t Coleridge write Kubla Khan after a vivid dream too?! Opium-induced in his case but sounds like the herbal sleeping pill plus hot chocolate and nicotine works well too!

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    1. Glad you liked the Mole quote! The herbal sleeping pill, I found, works less well when combined with Sauvignon Blanc. I dreamt that I was going to play football and had to go get new studs for my boots. Unbelievably dull.


  2. I love getting whole stories in dreams or bolts of clarity. It always feels like an epiphany. Have fun with your sexy monsters, and good for you for forgoing TV. If you are like me, what’s happening in your head is usually more interesting anyway. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! It really did feel like an epiphany. As the images are so vivid and the experience is so immersive, it starts you off on such an emotive and involved footing. Much more so than anything I’ve written before, because it feels like I was actually there. If only it happened more often!

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