The tracks of the abandoned miniature railway had long since been removed, but their depressions remained along the stretches of pathways now forcibly reclaimed by nature. As I anxiously paced along them, thundering waves collided worryingly nearby, chomping their way through the landscape and devouring the bedrock that supported the crumbling fairground buildings.

Jagged lances of swinging rusted metal clattered cruelly against the rotting wooden fences, thrashed by a heartless squall. I shuddered not from the cold, but from the grim imagery that consumed me.

My eyes closed, and I returned to where I belonged. A train steamed past; the cheers of the passengers blending with the trundling rattle of the roller coaster, the waves a gentle lapping afterthought in the far distance. As the tourists around me relished the sunshine, I hoped in vain that my visions would remain mere daydreams, unlike the painful premonitions of before.


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  1. I think I’ll be contemplating this one for a while. Such as, how miniature is miniature; why are the surroundings crumbling; what’s up with the tourists and who/what is the “I” of the story? On a somewhat tangential note . . . Have you read Doctor Sleep yet, Jamie? I’m about a quarter in, and this reminds me of “Teenytown.” This atmospheric vignette could definitely be put to great use in a longer story (or novel). Keep it up!

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    1. Well I could answer those questions for you if you like! Or maybe best to your imagination.. The setting has translated roughly into the setting of my latest story, although I have stepped up the dystopian vibe considerably for that. Doctor Sleep is definitely on the ‘to read’ list.


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