I’m Brian, and so Is My Wife

There are no prizes for anyone who can guess the correlation between the timing of my last post (just before the end of January), and the end of my alcohol abstinence (at the end of January). I have been celebrating the end of this period of hell, and have very much enjoyed doing so. So now the fuss has died down, I intend to maintain sensible drinking levels from now on and as such resume the life of healthy living and story writing.

January was a productive month as I completed three short stories (7,500 words, 3,500 words and 1,000 words), and sent them all off for submission. I’ve had some more rejections and have re-submitted elsewhere, some to magazines accepting simultaneous submissions, so I have five responses that I’m currently waiting on. In the meantime, I’ve been downloading and reading many of the publications that I’ve submitted to, or am considering submitting to.

I have to say, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of short stories featured in these magazines that are written in the first person. It’s got to be around 90% of the stories I’ve come across. Should this surprise me as much as it does? I know all of the flash fiction I’ve posted on this blog are in the first person, which I do that because I find it to be a quick way of smashing out a few words – all of my longer works are in the third. When it comes to reading, I enjoy a first person narrative as much as the next chap, every now and then – I recently read Graeme Cameron’s Normal, which I enjoyed, and got bought The Martian for Christmas which I’m looking forward to reading, so maybe I should jump on the bandwagon?

‘I, Dyson’

Maybe not. Sounds like an advert for a vacuum cleaner. I’ll stick to what I know and enjoy writing – so it’s time to get my bleak hat on, take out the dark pen, lock the doors and scribble me some misery. Or perhaps this time I’ll do something a little less ‘stabby’. A blank page awaits!


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  1. First person seems to be a lot more popular than in the past. I love writing in 1st person because of the tight, tight pov. That said, I’m like you – most of my short stories are in 1st person and all my books, except one, are in third. 3rd person works better with multiple povs, which is frequently the case in longer works. I like that there’s so much flexibility. Happy writing 🙂


  2. That’s a super output for one month, Jamie. Especially the 7500-word story. I find that I tend toward first-person, but I’m not completely decided as to what seems more regularly used these days. I’ve felt like third-person is more common, so I attempt to not do first-person as much. The novel that I started (several years ago) is in first person; my serialized story (on the blog) “Undelivered Valentines” (I had to remind myself!) is in third-person, and like it was noted above, that does seem to work better for multiple POVs and novels. I hope among your to-submit list you’re gunning for the “Let Us In” anthology; that seems particularly suited! Anyway, happy writing and drinking (at least one in moderation!). 🙂

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    1. If only February had been as productive.. A puny 800 words so far – but I am relocating to the opposite side of the country so I do have other things to be concentrating on right now! I think third person is definitely more common for novels but in the anthologies and short story magazines that I’m reading, the vast majority have been in first. As for ‘Let Us In’, I have gone over and over that brief a few times hahaha.. I don’t think anything I’ve finished quite fits, although I do have one that could be adapted perhaps. Have you submitted?


      1. Yeah, I’m not sure I have anything that fits, but I’m of a mind to try something anyway. So far, I haven’t submitted. That artwork, though. Whoa, it is breathtakingly awesome, and I’d love to have a story associated with such an amazingly talented artist (even if he’s not doing the art for the stories within, per se). Anyway, we’ll see what turns up. February’s almost over–thank goodness–so I hope March will prove much kinder to you!

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        1. Thanks Leigh.. Looks like I have to pack up and move to the other side of the country so I have a feeling March may be a tad busy too… Maybe I could learn to write in my sleep? That would be a very efficient use of time.

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