Ghost Town

Where I live there was once a very big military presence, with bases dominating the local area. Our home is in fact a former R.A.F service personnel house. Most of the M.O.D sites are now closed and going to ruin, and through the security fences the derelict buildings can be seen, giving a glimpse at what life was like when the bases were active. The fences are tall, with stark warnings against trespass plastered all over them. I’ve lived in the area for almost a year now, and the bases have always intrigued me, the warning signs pulling me in and tempting me to go exploring where I know I’m not supposed to.

It was therefore with great joy last Saturday, when I was out running through the forest with the dog, that I stumbled across a new base that I hadn’t ever seen before, completely hidden from public view behind the dense woodland. It was with even greater joy, that when I approached the security fence I found it to be completely removed in one particular section. I couldn’t resist ignoring the warning signs and venturing inside, dog leading the way. I was in my flipping element. The dilapidated buildings, overgrown green areas and crumbling roads created an eerie ghost town set in the Saturday morning mist. I stopped running and started snapping, taking photos of everything I could find, as each one is going to be the prompt for a bit of flash fiction – it’ll keep this blog going for months! The image above here actually gave me inspiration for the climactic scene in my latest short story – submitted yesterday by the way, wish me luck.

Hopefully next time me and dog go exploring in the ghost town it will be completely deserted, and less startling to us, as last time my gawping photo taking was interrupted by two humongous invading hounds and their shadowy owner. We made a sharp exit at that point (our dog is smaller than a cat, not that he is aware of the fact.), so I have much of the base yet to explore and be inspired by. It is time to embark upon my next writing project, which at the moment is a blank document with a blinking cursor. This weekend will be devoted to brainstorming and planning I think – ghost town exploration aside, of course.

In lieu of a creative piece, I will once again be deferring to another WordPress user this week, a fellow blogger who here is showcasing a bit of her long term writing project –Β Angie Trafford.


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