It’s a bit of a mish-mash of a blog today, because it’s been a bit of a mish-mash of a week so far.

Most importantly, I submitted a short story to an online publisher. This is my first one (aside from flash fiction of course), so it felt like kind of a big deal. At around 7,000 words, it is one of the longer pieces that I’ve done and I’d say I’m relatively pleased with it. The feedback that I have had was all positive, if from biased sources! One thing I particularly liked was configuring it into standard manuscript format and printing it off. It looked so pretty. I will report back on any response I get on this one. Now I’m pondering where to go next, but I must say a call for submissions to ‘Ghosts on Drugs’ magazine does sound particularly enticing! I’d also like to credit Leigh W.Smith for her advice in finding Dark Markets website, which has opened up a whole new area of writing for me – thanks again Leigh.

Now, Twitter. Holy Moly what a can of worms I’ve opened there. This time last week I had 170 followers and hadn’t used it in ages. Then I thought, why not follow a few fellow writers. Now I have just shy of a thousand followers and the whole thing has spiralled out of control somewhat. I must get around to compiling a favourites list so I can filter through to the really useful tweets. WordPress feels like a much cosier place to talk to the writing community and after being caught up in the Twitter whirlwind, it’s nice to come back here for a bit of sanctuary. How many of you on here use Twitter and how useful do you find it? Do you have any good tips for managing it and getting the most from it? Advice is appreciated.

No creative writing to share today though I’m afraid, having been focussed on my story this week, plus having to do my ‘mid year reviews’ in my real job for myself and my team, has meant time has been particularly precious. I will try to get something up by the end of the week though. I’ve got a cracking photo of a run-down steel bridge that has got ‘prompt’ written all over it.


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  1. Awesome news! I submitted my first short story for publication about two weeks ago! Good luck to both of us.
    On the twitter front: I’d love any tips you have, actually. I have all of 5 followers… Maybe I don’t actually tweet enough, or push twitter enough … Just never really got into, but it’s on my to-do list for the year. Who knew being an author could be so much work… and this isn’t even the hard part yet.

    Definitely agree that wordpress is a bit cozier. (;

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    1. Yes good luck to us! Let us know how you get on – although I’m sure you will blog about your response?
      If you want more followers, all I did was start following a load of indie authors and publishers. Next thing I know they’re adding me to lists and I’m getting a constant stream of new followers day and night. Not that I ever really post much on there. What I do like is the ‘favourite’ function on there now, as I get notifications when anyone (such as publishers) tweet.
      I remember on my creative writing course how my tutor told us about how big self promotion is in this game now.. She wasn’t wrong. It’s a monster.

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