Ode to the Jabberwocky

My apologies – this is not really an Ode to the Jabberwocky, but my piece below is nonetheless, nonsense, and far removed from the stuff I’m been scribbling of late. Jon Stephens originally posted a prompt that intrigued me, as it was the first sentence that the piece must follow on from:

‘She hadn’t been worried until the barrel fell over’

This prompt, for reasons unknown, sent my mind off on a bit of a random tangent and back to the good old days of Myspace (remember that?), where in the blog section I occasionally posted complete and utter nonsense stories, which I personally found hilarious but I’m not entirely sure were ever read by others. So I began writing something that followed on from the prompt and decided to depart from reality a tad. While in conversation with my other half recently, I was describing to her how much fun I find it when I invent new words, or use words that I would never ordinarily even think of. Does anyone else get pleasure from doing this?

I was going to link to Jon’s challenge, but he has since decided to withdraw it. So instead, here is a link to another of Jon’s posts which is worth a read. Like me he dreams of jacking it all in and becoming a writer..

And here is my piece. Perhaps it could lead into children’s fiction?

Le Fiasco

She hadn’t been worried until the barrel fell over. When it did, out spilled the splodge of seventy five miniature gutterwitches she had been holding captive. Screeching, scraping, and scooting around the larder like overwrought winged Truggle Munchers.

‘Quiten down you impish horrors!’ She squawked. ‘I told you Mrs Moggins only has room for fifty of you! The rest must be dissolved!’

Flabbergasted, the head gutterwitch howled to her cohorts, and the smog drenched air tinged red with revolution.

The bravest of them crashed through the patio door leaving a trail of shattered glass in their wake, smattering lumps of tink on the lino in the process.  As the unsuspecting Moggins rounded the shrewsberry bush outside, she could but duck away from the incoming assault of enraptured gutterwitches, absconding to their supposed paradise.


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