A Picture Paints 150(ish) Words

When our wonderful dog joined us, I didn’t for a second think it would help my writing. What I have found recently though, is while we’re out walking I see so many potential photo prompts that I’m continually taking out my camera (which makes a nice change from poop bags). I have found that having a picture such as the one above as a starting point really helps me jump into the blank page and smash out a bit of flash fiction (I’m still on the creepy stuff by the way, and spoiler alert – the piece below is pretty grim). I’m hoping that having a collection of such photos will develop into short story writing and onto bigger works too.

Is this a method anyone else out there uses? Do you have other prompts to get yourself started?

Here’s the result of the above photo prompt!


Flood reports had dominated the news for weeks, each compounding the anxiety a little more than the last. With every passing day, the glue that bound my eyes to the screen solidified as I waited for word that the water had begun to recede.

When the day came I was, thankfully, first on the scene to trudge the slime, boot aside the endless plastic deposits, and wade through rotting wooden spaghetti. As I feared, my tree had been uprooted, and with it a subterranean occupant unearthed.

Decomposing and stench ridden, there lay the body of a man I once knew, exhumed by nature and exhibited on the riverbank. Dawn approached and soon the path would overrun with joggers; I had no options. On hands and knees I burrowed, re-excavating the previous resting place and dragging the corpse back inside. I wasn’t ready to be caught, just yet.


4 thoughts on “A Picture Paints 150(ish) Words

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  1. Your tale is almost as grim as my own latest I’m pleased to see *laughs*. Dogs make for inspiration in many ways, and I completely agree, when out walking with one, I fine stories appearing.

    – esme upon the Cloud


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