Well Christmas has come and gone, I hope you all had a great one. I certainly did, lots of food and booze consumed and now we’re counting down to New Year. I don’t usually bother with resolutions, as I’ve always failed them by around 00:05 on New Year’s Day. This year however I have two main ones that I am determined to stick to. Firstly, in reference to the copious amounts of booze being consumed.. I have signed myself up for Dryathlon. If you’ve never heard of it, basically it means no alcohol is permitted during the month of January and I ask for sponsorship to help me achieve this, the proceeds of which go to Cancer Research.

Now some of you may feel that I should be able to knock drink on the head for a month without the need for signing up for such a thing, and maybe you’re right. What I will say however, is that during my entire adult life I have never gone a month without alcohol, and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am partial to the odd tipple, so to undertake such a task is quite a big thing for me to do. And at the end of the day, I’m raising money for a very worthy cause, one that I’m sure every one of you has been touched by at some point in your lives. Here is a link to my sponsorship page, just in case you feel like helping me along the tortuous exciting month ahead.

Aside from the financial/kidney savings to be made, I hope that the lack of alcohol will also sharpen my mind a little and help me to crack on with writing, and hence help me with my other goal for the year – get something published, somewhere. After finishing this post I’ll be heading straight back into the current short story, someone is about to be stalked, how festive.

While I’m on the subject of resolutions, this week’s Sometimes Stellar Six Word Story Challenge is on that very topic. I think it best you go over there now and have a look:

Right, I’m off for a bottle glass of wine and a fistful of cheese. It’s not January yet.


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