Diving the Depths of Depravity

What a difference a fortnight makes. This time two weeks ago I was putting the finishing touches to what I can only describe as a ‘nice’ story, about a woman and her obsession with books, I’m now knee deep into a story involving murder, torture and psychological torment. Isn’t writing just marvellous eh?

Just to clarify – the first story I mentioned there has a lot more to it than the protagonist and her book collection, it’s about finding hidden messages and her journey through life. I don’t imagine many people would want to read a story about another person reading a book. Talk about low stakes.

Contrast that with the opening scene of the current piece, where the protagonist is waking up in a chamber, preparing for another bout of torture from an unknown force, and you’ll see where I’m at. There is a certain thrill from writing in this way and about this subject matter, I found the words flowing out of me. I had bashed out around a thousand in an hour last night, which is good going for me. I did find myself having to tone down the depravity a touch at times though for two reasons. Firstly, I have an intended audience in mind for this piece and it will be my first real submission to an online magazine. I’m trying to fit it into their submission guidelines in the hope they will publish, and some of the things my mind came out with, I frankly cannot see them ever putting out there for public consumption. Secondly, I do all of my writing on my company laptop, and should they ever decide to do a check of my hard drive at any point, I can see me receiving notification to visit the lovely people in Human Resources.

I only have a little snippet of creative writing to share today – this week’s entry into the Sometimes Stellar Six Word Story Contest. The prompt word is ‘doubt’, my entry:

“I don’t think this is chicken…”


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