Rise Above It


Below I will post a ‘100 words in 15 minutes’ piece I wrote as part of a challenge a few months back, which sprung to mind on my commute into work this morning. I have a drive that is at least an hour long each way, which takes me through A-roads, country lanes, single track lanes, motorways and industrial estates. It never fails to astonish me how reckless some drivers really are; overtaking on blind bends, aggressively tailgating, excessively speeding in poor weather conditions, and much more – I’m sure you’ve experienced them all. When I pass the bunches of flowers by the roadside, or hear news stories of families torn apart by road traffic deaths, I just think – what gives you the right? What gives you the right to take my life into your hands? So you can save ten minutes from your journey today? You don’t know me, but I have people that care about me, I have responsibilities, I have lived on this planet for over thirty years and whilst I may not have changed the world, I deserve to travel without fear of death. You are gambling all of that for the prize of saving ten minutes from your journey.

I’m determined to keep this blog rant free – so I will leave it there on that subject. With age and experience I am trying to be more philosophical about such matters. I have the same approach at work – when people are getting too big for their boots and making life difficult, I think about the bigger picture. I’m not one of them, thinking that I’m better than anyone else or taking pleasure by causing problems for others, I rise above it. ‘Rise Above It’ – the motto I have pinned to my computer screen alongside the photo you see above this post. Can you guess which one of those faces is me?

With all of this in mind, here is my 100 word piece, which completely contradicts everything that I have said above! It was an interesting exercise to mentally place myself into such a position. If anything, it served to make my resolve even stronger.

Morning Mist

My car jutted into the centre of the road at an uneasy angle, blocking the path of the 4×4 that lay motionless at the end of a streak of tracks. My knuckles pumped crimson through shredded skin as the body slumped clumsily onto the asphalt with a thud. The country lane remained deserted, but I knew the rat-run would soon have a passer-by to intrude upon my scene. I watched him stop breathing while I waited for them to come, clarity dawning by the heartbeat through the dissipating fog. Any other morning I would have just let him overtake.


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