Stop. Edit. Continue.

When I started this blog, the one ambition I had over any other, was to not lose interest in it or stop updating it. Needless to say, I have failed in my ambition. It’s not that I lost interest, it’s just that other areas of my life have overtaken writing at the moment and the amount of time I’m able to dedicate to storytelling has somewhat diminished. The desire has not escaped however, and a quick scan through previous blog entries has shown me that I have actually written a great deal more of the novel than since I last posted. I’m up to chapter six don’t you know (I’m really not happy with chapter five and had to force myself to continue before I went crazy, but hey ho).

The first problem was the fact I was getting very fat. I ate what I liked and spent my lunchtimes at my desk writing and stuffing my face. Over recent months, this has been replaced with gym sessions and protein (mmmm) and now that I am finally seeing positive effects from this and my routines are in place, more of my spare attention is being diverted back to the writing.

The second problem, is that I have distracted myself with other writing projects and the development of those ideas. Whilst having a well deserved (required) siesta on holiday in Majorca, I had a brain wave, a nugget of a tiny idea’s kernel, and shot up from my drunken slumber to scrawl it into my notebook. I proceeded to spend all available writing time on this idea and completely neglected the first novel for quite some time. I love this new idea, but am far from having it worked out, so think it best I treat it as a long term ongoing project. Hence, I returned to The Adventures of Reefe (soooo not the actual title, but I still don’t have the title so shoot me) and banged out a few more chapters. I’ve come to think of this as my ‘learning novel’, finding my feet as a writer and getting to grips with structure. I still think it’s pretty good, but then I would. It will be finished!

This ‘finishing something’ thing has now become a bit of a preoccupation. I hate that I don’t have any finished pieces of work to show anyone. Everything is a work in progress. So my answer to this problem? Write a short story. Yes, I see that this is starting yet another project, however hopefully this is achievable in a much shorter space of time – Christmas deadline, wish me luck.

Other issues I’m experiencing – work is crazy busy at the moment and I don’t get to waste my time writing science fiction whilst getting paid anymore.. ‘FFS.’ Who would have thought it? Plus I’ve had a reading revolution recently and cannot stop reading and buying books. I’ve never enjoyed reading as much as I do right at this moment and well, it’s all good research, right?

So – from now until its completion, the focus is on the story of Rosie and the things that begin when she finds an interesting message written inside a book she picks up in a charity shop.. Come back here for more at Christmas!

One final thing – I realised that I no longer wanted to post my whole novel word for word on the internet. It’s actually going places (in my head) and as such, I want to keep it from public display. Yeah I know nobody actually reads this blog, but they could. Maybe. Possibly. No?? Anyway, I’ve gone back over previous blog posts and edited them down. The posts now contain ‘excerpts’ of chapters, just a few paragraphs from each. I’ll post up excerpts of three to five shortly (damn you five, my nemesis) and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

Feedback, comments, evidence that this blog is being read by at least one person, hate mail, criticism, fan art, invites to red carpet events etc.. All appreciated!


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  1. I put up a bunch of my first drafts on Wattpad and have been considering doing just as you described – culling the word herd. I haven’t yet, mostly because there have been such substantial changes already that the edited story is going to be a relative of what’s out there instead of clone.


    1. It was a learning experience posting them up in the first place and useful for the feedback that I did get, but I certainly feel more comfortable with the abridged versions being on here now.
      I guess your situation is different as they differ so much from the current story. A situation I’d most likely have found myself in too eventually after numerous drafts.

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  2. Hello 🙂 Thank you so much for the follow. I, too, have a horrible habit of buying way too many books. One of these days I’ll get them all read. Well, hopefully, that is!


    1. Thank you too! I’ll look forward to reading more.
      My current weakness is hunting out vintage books in charity shops. Pretty much on any subject too. This has however led to an idea for a short story so positives all round!

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  3. Who swore? Who said too many books? Don’t you know there can never be too many books, or too many words, good, negative or positive words is words. I am on my second draft and use my blog to procrastinate with other forms of writing. I post snapshots of my younger life, poetry favourite songs, programmes, humour and just pieces of me. But my manuscript stays , it is proving like a well kneaded dough. Writers write and first drafts are often… shyte. So I don’t show I write and rewrite until it’s right!

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        1. Cheers, I certainly will do. Yesterday was the first day of me ‘going public’ as such with the blog, as I was mainly using it to share my work with my writing group. As that seems to have tailed off a tad, I intend get more involved with the blogging/commenting side of things and I’m already enjoying the interaction with writers such as yourself.


  4. Yes, yes, yes!!

    I To have been culled in my pursuit of fiction, but my writing output has increase dramatically due to having to write almost Two thousand words a week for my teaching qualification.

    I did start a small story about a guy on a deserted train, while sat on a train traveling to Weymouth, but only a few pages.

    It was so good to just write about something other than learning theories.

    Good to see your still tapping away when I have a moment I will catch up with all thing Reefe and the good ship Bliss.

    I recommend Stephen Kings ‘On Writing’ It is great book.

    I also hope to attend one of the get togethers soon but I am so snowed under with essay writing and planning sessions it is hard to find the time.

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    1. Tobie! So good to hear from you.
      I’d forgotten that you were doing your teaching qualification. How’s it going? I can imagine it doesn’t leave much time for creative writing, but you should post something up, deserted trains definitely gets my intrigue flowing.


  5. Pretty sure I could not blog or write or even have time to shower if I was still working.
    Retirement opens up more time for a person to do what he/she wants but it also creates that

    “I can do that tomorrow” mindset so I don’t accomplish as much as I probably could.
    Enjoy reading your stuff!


    1. Thank you! It is so difficult to fit it in but I try my best. I currently have a small dog sat on my lap that is making typing on a laptop practically impossible. I don’t know, if it’s not one thing it’s another.. Haha

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  6. I know exactly what you mean. My blog has been taking a backseat position lately because I work full-time, am trying to get to the end of my third novel, and I am easily distracted. Did I mention my children? They keep me occupied too! Hopefully people understand.

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    1. Ah yes I can imagine the kids take up a tiny bit of your time.. I was in a great position to get stuff written whilst at work, during lunches or after I’ve finished. I work for a very large wine manufacturer though, so you can imagine this time of year is stupidly busy and ‘spare time’ is but a dream.


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