Chapter Two Excerpts


Due to the original function of Bliss being solely for short shuttle runs around the moons, the ship designers hadn’t seen fit to put in particularly fancy quarters for the crew, with most residing in dormitory style chambers housing up to fifteen. The Company had done very little to improve upon those conditions to accommodate them during the extended trips that they were expected to make in the ship’s new guise, and the captain’s cabin was no exception. Whilst he didn’t have to share with any other crew members, the standard of living bestowed upon him was in his mind reminiscent of the most poverty stricken slums of the old South he had visited in his military training days. No longer than the length of his bunk, wide enough to stretch out both arms but not much more, his only portal on the universe outside was provided by the head sized window placed high on the metal walls that encased him.


His route took him on past the crew quarters and through one of the ship’s numerous dream suites, where through squints he eyed the passengers sat in lines at control panels, designing their perfect dreams for their sleep ahead. Shear tried his hardest not to picture the depraved imagery they would be inputting as he marched on past, knowing full well that there were no limits to the wanton possibilities the software could offer. He and his crew were able to access the data generated by the suites and view at their leisure, strictly for official purpose of course, but a privilege he knew only too well was often abused by the ship staff seeking to amuse themselves at the deviant minds of those they escorted.


‘What the hell man?’ Screamed Jalopo as he writhed around on the floor clutching his knee.

‘Get up you lazy little fucker! What have I told you about sleeping on the job? You’re left in charge of a fucking star ship you useless, piece, of shit!’

As Jalopo picked himself up from the floor, his measly frame cowered in front of the beast that was Donil Shear. A clear foot shorter than his superior and a hundred pounds lighter, he slunk away backwards as he saw Shear’s hands clenching into fists.

‘Come on, man, you know what it’s like sat in that chair! Nothing happens!’ Jalopo protested. ‘Night after night we sit there staring at that viewscreen, running the same reports, having the same conversations with headquarters, going round and round in circles with nothing to do. Ever. It’s killing me man!’



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