Chapter One Excerpts

Well it’s about time I posted some of what I’m actually working on. I discussed in the writing group that there is a prologue to go in before this chapter. This may well end up being the last thing that I write (along with the title, that is), so for the purposes of giving this first chapter context, please refer back to the ‘Background of the Piece’ blog I wrote some time ago, as this will be the basis of the prologue. Please do bear in mind that that blog was a very rough draft and one of my ‘mind throwing up on the screen’ moments.. So here we go with the first chapter. I can’t get it to display in the format I’d like to, but hey ho this will do for now!


It was beginning to really hurt his eyes though, and the swill at the bottom of the container he cradled so dearly did need to be polished off. He closed both eyes, temporary relief, tilted back his head and raised the glass to his lips. The last gulp was even worse than the first, but at least it was done with now. The bar was less crowded and he had time to spend pondering which cheap, body destroying beverage it would be next. He placed the glass back down on the bar and opened his eyes, one at a time, to reveal the plethora of bottles hanging before him. Although the shapes and sizes of them varied, the colour spectrum appeared to range only from light to dark grey, and he knew for sure that the taste spectrum was even narrower than that. He closed one eye again. Possibly because he wanted to focus more keenly on a particular bottle just outside of his range of vision, but more likely because the copious amount of grey cocktails consumed by this point in his evening had had their desired effect. Drunkenness at last, freedom from his inhibitions, but most importantly from his arch nemesis – his own brain. He chuckled to himself a little as he caught his reflection in a mirrored pillar beside him. Who was this one eyed fool staring back at him? He didn’t care, he was drunk and for now he was at peace with himself. Five minutes previously he had been contemplating his life, the events that had brought him to this place, berating himself for ending up on this dive of a star ship alone and as far away from home as was imaginably possible. Right now however he felt like partying. It was time to find himself some company.


With one glance at her however, his heart sank. She wasn’t a fellow passenger as he had hoped, but her all-in-one uniform obviously made her a member of the crew, and as such far more of a challenge than he felt up to at that moment. But wow, was she beautiful. Sparkling blue eyes contrasted divinely against her mocha skin, glistening black hair fell from her perfectly formed head in ringlets that reached as far as her breasts. And those breasts, beautiful breasts… Reefe suddenly realised that he had been focussing on that particular part of her anatomy for too long and he abruptly moved his gaze to meet hers. His contrived smile was confronted by a contemptuous grimace.


‘I mean, I just don’t buy the idea that the Southerners ran away scared. Think about it, while we’re there firing every bomb and bullet we have over the border, they’re there building ships capable of carrying their entire population off the planet to safety further away than we can ever imagine, to start a new life for their people. We think we won the war, but did we? Really? What were we left with? A desolate planet so ravaged by conflict that we struggle to grow crops, technology that has barely moved on in a century and the epitome of our exploration into deep space? This shit bucket of a space ship where wasters like me can come and drink and fuck themselves into an early grave. Who knows what they’ve achieved in this time? While we’ve been patting ourselves on the back for a hundred years they could have invented time travel for all we know! I heard a rumour that before they left Semper, they were working on devices that could teleport any object, even a human being, from any point in space to any other, instantly. Can you imagine that? What do we have? Grey cocktails and deep space orgies, that’s what we have. Sorry, I’m ranting, I realise. I shouldn’t talk like that anyway, especially being someone in my position.’



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