Background to the piece

Here is a little bit of history to set the scene for the universe in which the story is set. I hope to convey this to the reader through a conversation between the protagonist and another character early on.

The planet Semper contained two continents, one in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern. Each continent was home to a race of people that were at war with the other for as long as anyone was able to remember. After the centuries of war, the planet was at the brink of destruction and had the war continued any longer, all inhabitants would surely have become extinct. Unbeknown to the Northerners, during the conflict the Southerners had been pouring most of their resources into exploring the night sky to find a new planet to continue their survival away from Semper, whilst building interstellar ships to carry all of their citizens there. 100 years ago and without any indication to the North, they downed weapons, boarded their ships and vacated the planet. The Northerners rejoiced, and in their haste to occupy the Southerner territory and declaring their world ‘Semper Nova’, paid no attention to where they were going and have not cared to investigate. Nobody has seen or heard from them since, and the Southerners became something of a myth, their characteristics warped by folklore passed down the generations of Northerners.


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  1. Great idea Jaime. I like this sort of stuff anyway, but the premise is a strong one which offers plenty of scope to play with. I look forward to reading more.


    1. Thanks Mark, glad you like the sound of it. I hope that it can become a series of stories, even if the characters and locations were to change, they would be contained within the same universe.


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