Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Please picture me sitting in an armchair next to a roaring open fire, perhaps wearing a smoking jacket and certainly with a glass of Scotch on a little wooden table to my side. I’m intently reading a small hardback book, and pretend not to notice the camera that is moving slowly towards me. I look up and to my ‘surprise’ there you are, looking back at me.

“Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there” I say, wearing a cheesy grin. “Welcome to my home. Please come and join me and I’ll tell you a story”.

Well I don’t have a roaring open fire, armchair or smoking jacket in my home and I’m not fond of Scotch. But the image of me crouching in front of a radiator in my trackie bottoms and clutching a can of Wadworth 6X is probably less likely to entice you in to read my blog. So let’s go with the former for now at least.

I have recently begun a Creative Writing class, and like some of my classmates have been inspired to put my work into a blog for anyone to see. How much of this blog will actually be work and how much will just be my brain throwing up on your screen will only become clear in time, I suppose. I have a feeling that the blog will be split between showing examples of what I’m working on, and me using it as a form of therapy when I’m struggling with writing or life in general. I do the latter quite often so I shouldn’t be short of material.

Okay so enough about me (for now), let me talk about the work for a moment. We have just finished week four of the course and are well underway with writing our pieces. A brief summary of the course so far is that we have covered areas such as genre, plot structure and character, and we are all working on stories, scripts or poetry. My main area of interest when it comes to literature is Science Fiction. I’ve read all of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Robot series and am about to embark upon the Empire series. I’d be lying if I said his work wasn’t a major influence on what I’m writing at the moment, but I’m I also very much into Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica etc etc etc, so expect to see a bit of that too.. Yep, I’m a geek and proud, and this is what I’m going to write first.

I don’t have a background in science whatsoever, so initially anything I work on will probably not be grounded in hard science theory. I am however a former student of psychology and I’m very interested in the workings of the human brain. I’d like to know why mine works in the way that it does, and maybe through exploring characters and living briefly through them, I will gain a little more knowledge into how and why I am what I am. Indeed, the protagonist of my first piece jumps straight from my own psyche in many regards, however I do step him up quite a few levels, so before you start thinking that I’m a womansing alcoholic with an occasional stutter, let me make it clear that I am not. I’m also not in space. But my own anxieties and insecurities certainly were a good starting point in creating him and his journey could well be a metaphor for my own desires to achieve more than I have done in life. Or it could just turn out to be about a bloke on a space ship shooting aliens. Whatever, it’s going to be fun finding out.

So I hope you will join me on my journey, wherever it will take me. I’ll shortly be posting up some actual work I’ve done, rather than just the ramblings I’ve banged out here to fill the empty space in my blog. Please feel free to comment or feedback, I’m sure I can take it.


8 thoughts on “Are You Sitting Comfortably?

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  1. Brilliant first post love the ending ‘Or it could just turn out to be about a bloke on a space ship shooting aliens.’ I proper laughed out loud. look forward to reading more.


  2. I personally loved this line of yours: “and how much will just be my brain throwing up on your screen will only become clear in time, I suppose.”
    I can sometimes have a sick, macabre sense of humor and after that line cracked me up laughing, I envisioned a sudden plop of vomit materializing on my computer screen and that made me laugh even harder!
    Verbal diarrhea is so much fun, isn’t it? Oh, did I forget to mention that sometimes I also have no filter between my brain and my mouth…and sometimes my fingers as I type, hee hee!
    This is the first of your posts I have read and I can already tell I am going to be really liking your posts! Thanks for friending me so that I can enjoy your work!


    1. Ah thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s a bit nerve racking at first putting anything out there for public consumption, so it’s really nice to hear that it’s not just in my head that this stuff makes sense.
      You are more than welcome to bring your verbal diarrhea to this page whenever you feel like it. Sounds like you have the same philosophy as I do with these blogs then, type first, think later (or possibly not at all).. I’ll have to make my way over to your blog today!

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  3. Ha! As someone who also writes in trackie bottoms huddled next to the radiator (and being quite partial to the occasional can of 6X) I really enjoyed this. Hopefully one day we will both be able to fund the roaring log fire lifestyle from our scribbles. Thanks for following my blog, will be hitting the follow button on yours forthwith.


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