The Silent Child Screening by the Wilberforce Trust

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a charity event held by the Wilberforce Trust, and they have asked me to share my experience of the evening. A sunny late May evening and a red carpet walk welcomed the invited guests to the Everyman Cinema in York for this special awareness raising event... Continue Reading →



On the evening before we travelled to Copenhagen I’d received some joyous news; I found out that I had been offered a new job, and with it came a release of stress that had been building for some months. During this time I’d barely written a thing. The weight of discontent at my situation had... Continue Reading →

The Relay

I came into existence because I was created to continue the consciousness of a man. I have no physical presence, other than the components and devices that house my program and enable others to interact with me. My first interaction was with my creator. He asked my name. “Philip McKenzie,” I told him. “Good, good,”... Continue Reading →

Wainstones and Cold Moor

The Cleveland Hills of our intended walk were impossible to miss on the drive in. The flat farm land and villages through which we travelled were all shadowed by the series of gigantic rolling mounts that paralleled the road, providing an intimidating foreshadowing of the day ahead, and showcasing the sequence of climbs and descents... Continue Reading →

What Happens to Short Sighted People When the Apocalypse Comes?

I’m short sighted, and as such need to wear some form of optical enhancement to enable me to function during normal life. My preference has always been contact lenses, although I do occasionally wear glasses, and anyone else who is visually challenged will know that without such things, existing in this world without walking into... Continue Reading →

Pushing the Reset Button on Black Hill

I don’t particularly like the term ‘escapism’. It focusses too much on the negative, and by implying that there is something so constrictive from which one is trying to escape, it detracts from the benefits that are gained through spending time doing something enjoyable. When the temporary experience of ‘escaping’ comes to an end, the... Continue Reading →

The Flying Scotsman

What could be more quintessentially British than a trip through the rolling hills of Yorkshire and Cumbria on the most famous British steam train ever built? That steam train departing an hour late, of course. With the Flying Scotsman being attached to thirteen coaches rather than the required nine, confusion ensued at York station from... Continue Reading →

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