Abattoir or Slaughterhouse? How Words Influence Our Perceptions

Abattoir - from the French abattre, ‘to fell’. As you would fell a tree to build a shed. Slaughter - from Old Norse slátr ‘butcher's meat’; related to slay. As you would slay your enemies on the battlefield. Words with differing etymologies to describe the same thing, that each rest differently on the ear. It’s... Continue Reading →


Why I No Longer Eat Meat or Dairy

January and the New Year will mark the 12 month anniversary of my decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. I haven't written anything relating to this choice before, but as this milestone approaches, I would like to share my thought process and reasoning, in the hope that I may reach out to someone willing to... Continue Reading →

The Silent Child Screening by the Wilberforce Trust

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a charity event held by the Wilberforce Trust, and they have asked me to share my experience of the evening. A sunny late May evening and a red carpet walk welcomed the invited guests to the Everyman Cinema in York for this special awareness raising event... Continue Reading →

Wainstones and Cold Moor

The Cleveland Hills of our intended walk were impossible to miss on the drive in. The flat farm land and villages through which we travelled were all shadowed by the series of gigantic rolling mounts that paralleled the road, providing an intimidating foreshadowing of the day ahead, and showcasing the sequence of climbs and descents... Continue Reading →

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